We are a translation and interpreting agency providing high quality services in over 40 languages

We collaborate with more than 300 native translators, proofreaders and interpreters in the area of translation and interpretation.

Our translators specialize in various areas, thanks to whom we can translate a wide variety of texts, from complicated legal and contractual documentation, advertising and promotional materials, to specialized manuals and technical documentation of several hundred pages.

The quality of our translations is a priority for us. Each and every translation goes through a complete quality control.

We are always aware of the confidentiality and protection of information. This is why our information security system meets the main requirements of the market.

Every day, we process more than 40 requests for translations and interpretations and translate more than 1,000 pages of text.

Technology can help you translate your professional documents and shorten delivery times. Depending on the project, our team can offer technology such as translation memory to identify word or phrase repetitions in order to optimize your translations and limit the cost of your projects over the long term.

Translation memory
This language database saves all your translation projects and allows translators to use phrases that have already been translated - either totally or partially. This technology, along with translation assistance tools, also helps identify repeated phrases in other documents to optimize the translation of your future projects.

The post-editing service consists of an in-depth revision of a text that has been translated by a machine translation mechanism. A machine sees a sentence only as a series of words. Unlike a human, it is not able to recognize a cultural reference or historical data. A translation mechanism is therefore unable to understand errors such as mistranslations or gramar errors. During proofreading, the post-editor pays close attention to these elements to ensure the quality and accuracy of the translated content.

Post-editing aims to increase productivity and meet the language needs of clients by translating faster, using machine translation technologies, and relying on the human experience. Post-editing is ideal for translating large volumes in a short period of time, as it helps to maintain deadlines in case of emergencies, especially for professional documents that need to be translated due to a legal obligation.

With over 50 language combinations available, our team meets all your language needs. Some languages, such as English, Chinese, Spanish and German, are regularly requested, but we can also translate into rarer languages, such as Slovenian or Thai. The price may vary depending on the language combination. Common languages will cost less than rarer language combinations, for which there are fewer translators available.

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We are a translation and interpreting agency providing high quality services in over 40 languages. More than 50% of our company's turnover is generated by foreign clients. Our team is composed of experienced native translators and experts. The services most sought after in our translation agency include:



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